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Wendy Creak

32x32-SpeechBubble-27-LI 32x32-SpeechBubble-27-FB

Perception and Reality, Boundaries and Barriers


Layers of imagery on translucent and structured fabric surfaces raise questions around the idea of reality and perception.  


Is the image part of the fabric, part of the surrounding space, or a projection?  


What is ‘there’?  What is ‘not really there’?  


Images of a cage-like grid, with suggestions of open and closed doorways, passages, and views through are abstracted out and rotated to create an element of disorientation and ambiguity.  


Handwritten script is fragmented to obscure its meaning.  


Multiple large-scale hangings, digitally printed with a combination of composite images, whole images and script, shift almost imperceptibly with the natural movement of the air, altering the relationship between the elements.